About this website

The information within this website has been provided by Slater and Gordon Lawyers to assist Health Professionals in working with their patients where legal issues may impact on assessment and treatment planning and provision. We hope that a better understanding of some common legal issues will result in timely and informed communication and a better outcome for both Health Professionals and Patients.

We provide a comprehensive legal education program covering a wide range of medico-legal topics, specially developed to assist health practitioners improve the outcomes for their patients and minimise risk and inconvenience in their practice.

Many of these seminars have received CDP accreditation points through Medicare Locals.

For more information please email sglectures@slatergordon.com.au or call 02 8267 0678.

In accessing the legal information provided on this website, you acknowledge that you are not receiving legal advice from Slater and Gordon. This website provides general legal information in relation to the types of legal issues that can be faced by health professionals or their patients. This is not the same as legal advice. One key difference is that the legal information provided is general in nature and not specific to your situation. If you are unsure about your legal rights, Slater and Gordon recommends that you should consult a lawyer for legal advice in relation to your particular situation before taking any action that might prejudice your or your patient’s legal rights.